Biological Ionization was discovered by Dr. Carey Reams (1904-1987)

We don’t live off the food that we eat,
We live off  The Energy IN the food we eat!”

- Dr. Carey Reams, Phd. 
We live from the LIFE in what’s consumed…the body needs raw, living nutrient-dense food!

As a mathematical genius Reams was very familiar with Einstein’s energy equation and understood its significance.   During his many years of friendship with Albert Einstein he once chided him saying ‘you know how to take matter apart but you don’t know how to put it back together again.’   Einstein immediately shot back that figuring out how to do that was a job for Reams.

OVERVIEW:   The Reams Biological Ionization Theory (RBTI) is a comprehensive system of mathematical principles that allow for a new and complete understanding of how the electrochemical basis of biological life is to ideally develop and function.   Therefore, this model also explains the cause of degenerative disease-namely, ionic mineral deficiencies causing electrochemical depletion, distortion, disruption and destruction of the ideal and healthy environment of the basic molecular components and subcomponents of the cells.   Additionally, and most importantly, this model provides the exact tool required to address the cause of the electrochemical dysfunctions that are called dis-eases, and reverse them.
Dr. Carey Reams developed a ‘Urine and Saliva Analysis’.   The urine and saliva screenings help a person determine the CAUSE of energy loss.   (We live off energy from the food we eat.)…  By monitoring the equation’s numbers, it’s possible determine which foods and/or supplements that should be added to an individuals diet to fit their exact body chemistry…  Dr. Reams offers a common sense approach to nutrition that demonstrates how complex issues (i.e. health and longevity) can be reduced to easily understood, practical concepts and applications.
The Reams BTI Urine/Saliva Test reveals a Person’s Body Chemistry…  This test yields information to analyze mathematically the Body’s Chemistry and provides guidance for getting the Body Chemistry BALANCED….  Each number in the equation indicates specific information about the body… BUT it’s the totality of the numbers together which reveal the most information about the body….  Whatever our age, the numbers should be the same as in the Perfect Health Equation.
What does this test reveal?
  • Determines calcium needs for your body chemistry
  • Tells what you are digesting or not digesting
  • Tells if your body is assimilating nutrients
  • Shows vitamin and mineral deficiencies
  • Reveals if blood sugar is high, low or normal
  • Will show if your body is supporting excess yeast candidiasis) or parasites
  • Indicates if there is excess stress on internal organs such as the kidneys, liver, heart, colon or gall bladder
  • Gives the health level of the liver and gall bladder
  • Reveals if your body’s environment may be supporting:
    • circulatory problems
    • high blood pressure
    • low blood pressure
    • arthritis
    • weight gain
    • high cholesterol
    • kidney/gall stones
Perfect Health Equation target numbers are:
  • (a) Sugar 1.5 (measured by sugar refractometer = carbohydrate utilization)
  • (b-c) urine pH 6.40 – - saliva pH 6.40 (reveals Cations & Anions Resistence)
  • (d) urine Salt 6 – 7 C
  • (e) urine Albumen .04M (reveals basic change of worn-out cells)
  • (f-g) Urea 3/3 (reveals undigested Proteins)
The Sugar test is made with a standard refractometer (such as used in wine-making) measures Sugar and ALL Carbohydrates in the Body – - i.e.. number of calories the body is operating on… This number indicates how well the body is handling carbohydrates consumed and whether or not the body is assimilating vitamin C…

This number indicates how well the body is using its energy supplies, and how well the body is eliminating what is left over after digestion.   It indicates whether or not the body is putting in enough energy to replace what is being used up…  The pH measures Resistance between Cations and Anions in the Body.   If the pH reading is 6.40 for Urine and 6.40 Saliva, this shows the body is getting MAXIMUM Energy from food consumed…  If the pH reading is consistently either HIGHER or LOWER than desired, then over time TOO MUCH energy is being LOST, allowing some of illness to begin.

Urine Salts are measured and some bodies can cope with more salt than can others.   Usually if the Salt shows 30 on the BTI test, the body is in DANGER of blood vessel and heart muscle damage.
ALL salts cause Blood Vessels to DILATE…  If the Body retains TOO MUCH salt over a LONG period of time, Veins and Arteries LOSE their flexibility, leading to what is commonly termed “HARDENING” occurs…
Often retaining TOO MUCH salt cause Angina (pain in the chest)…  It’s HIGH salt levels, NOT Cholesterol, which causes Angina…  But Cholesterol deposits are DANGEROUS because if a piece breaks free…  it can plug vessels in the heart muscle…  cause spasms as the heart muscle tries to pump blood around the obstacle…  in attempting push the piece through sometimes a vessel will burst (aneurism = CVA stroke)   If the Liver is NOT functioning properly, a person can carefully AVOID salt, yet still have a HIGH salt level.   As a result, TOO much salt is being stored in muscles and fatty tissues causing adverse conditions.   Salt substitutes are NO better, than regular table salt.

The Urine should be CLEAR yellow with a FEW visible Particles that can be easily seen….  Many particles throughout the Urine, or cloudy masses, reveals the body is TOXIC and in NEED of immediate cleansing…  These particles and masses are carcinoma cells…  FOAM in the Urine indicates NOT enough water is being consumed.   Albumin is the measure of the amount of dead cells being eliminated.   This should be a constant number.   If the body is eliminating too many, the body is changing cells too quickly, and thus aging too fast.

Urea is the undigested protein in the Body.   If it registers HIGHER than 3/3 or a total of 6, there is too much Urea in the Blood. UREAS:  This measurement indicates how well the body digests proteins, as well as whether or not too many proteins are being consumed.   It also shows how efficiently the large and small intestines are eliminating waste materials.   High Urea can be caused by NOT drinking enough water.   Common warning signs include: Fatigue after a normal amount of sleep.

Dr. Reams Process included:
  • Body Detoxification and Purification Procedure.
  • Body Biochemical Balancing, using Herbs, Minerals, and Supplements.
  • Simple Exercises for Lymphatic Function.
  • Special Foods for Cellular Regeneration and Maintenance.
When Dr. Reams Program is followed, very POSITIVE Results occurred!
Some suggest NOT taking Nutritional Supplements until being tested….  ”Because you may be UPSETTING your Body Chemistry by taking the WRONG Calciums.   For example, many people are taking the “dirt” CHEAP Calcium Carbonate sold everywhere.   However, their Body may NEED another Calcium, [e.g. Calcium Gluconate, Calcium Hydroxide, Calcium Citrate or Calcium Lactate or ANY combination of the above].   WITHOUT the Reams Biological Theory of Ionization (RBTI) Testing, we don’t know whether our Food and Supplements are helping or aggravating current maladies…they may even be contributing to deficiencies of other Nutrients.
MOST of us play a sort of “Russian Roulette” with our Supplements and Diets.   We can END the “guesswork” by using Reams BTI Testing.
Article Compiled by:  Darlene Sartore