Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hypoadrenia and Adrenal Fatigue, Part IV... last part

Some practical ways to recover and regain your adrenal health:
Some of these suggestions might seem like common sense but your adrenal health is greatly affected by your lifestyle; how you spend and conserve your energy and create your energy, what you eat and drink, the thoughts you think and the beliefs you hold are all very important factors. 

People with adrenal fatigue often have food allergies and sensitivities. 

Avoid people and situations that take away your energy.
Change your way of thinking toward a more positive outlook. You can use some simple tools as meditation or motivational CD’s, good friends, a trusted counselor. It’s important to undo negative self talk and especially that which produces more stress. 

Learn and implement relaxation techniques.

Get enough sleep. It’s important to be in bed before 10 or 11 each night.


Rest during the day.

Fun light exercise, like walking, yoga, ta’I chi, dancing and making love 
Keeping your blood sugar balanced is one of the most important! Eating small nutrient packed meals with some protein, often throughout the day.

Eliminate white flour and sugar products, they are huge energy suckers!

Salt craving is a very common symptom of all stages of adrenal fatigue. Physiologically, you need salt (mineral or Celtic salt) right now and the majority of people with adrenal fatigue suffer from low blood pressure not high. As long as you are well hydrated and getting potassium rich foods in your diet it will balance out. 

Some supplement recommendations next!

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