Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Low Cellular Energy, Low Blood Sugar Part IV

Pancreas – Adrenal – Liver Coordination Paying Dues for Sugar Blues

Taken from article by Dr. Edward Bauman and Mary Claire Blakeman (additions and edits by Dianna Pardee, RN ND)

Besides diet, the reduction of stress is an integral part of gaining wellness. Stress is any extra burden placed on your body: anxiety,fatigue, stimulants, pollutants, chemical additives, change, injury, or surgery. Stress raise the body’s requirements for most nutrients. If these requirements are not met and sugar is substituted for quick energy, the low cellular energy pattern is reinforced, along wit its depleting side effects.

Chocolate and coffee (which contain excess caffeine), tobacco, and alcohol, all cause stress on the body. Their relation to low cellular energy is like that of sugar and white flour. Craving any of these substances indicates a low cellular energy condition, which is only temporarily relieved and then worsened by partking of these “treats”. Toxins formed by yeast organisms and reabsorbed from the bowel also act like sugar to over stimulate the pancreas. This is why overeating carbohydrates of any kind causes problems. Exposure to allergens and chemicals does the same kind of overwork to the pancreas, adrenals, and liver.

If you suspect you suffer from low cellular energy, consult a Naturopathic Physician. Begin to make improvements. Don’t worry – it only aggravates the condition. 

By heeding the signal of low cellular energy and responding positively, you can correct this pattern, and save yourself more serious health problems later in life.

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